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Together towards carbon neutrality

           Together towards carbon neutrality

Joensuu is a city of some 76,000 inhabitants in eastern Finland. The City of Joensuu has set an ambitious goal to become carbon-neutral by 2025.

Carbon neutrality means that Joensuu will only produce emissions equal or lower to the amount that can be captured in carbon sinks. The goal is to decrease emissions by 60 % from 2007 to 2025. The remaining emissions will be compensated for or captured in carbon sinks, for example by planting forests or restoring mires. Joensuu aims for carbon neutrality in order to mitigate climate change.

We encourage, support and inspire individuals, companies and organisations to take climate action and achieve shared climate goals. 

On this site, you can find information on local climate actions in Joensuu.

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Tuuli Hyppänen
Climate Coordinator
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